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Technical Team Leader

Intern Program Description

Over the last four years, ProObject and Government Services Group have grown (and continues to grow!) its intern program both in size and in scope of work done. The Internal Research and Development team (IRAD team) is a full stack development team leveraging a range of technologies. From mobile technologies, to embedded devices, to data modeling using popular frameworks such as Spring and Django (and everything in-between). Junior developers perform the majority of the work, with guidance from their immediate Technical Team Lead (TTL) as well senior software engineers who work full time with the company. In addition, there are full-time employees who act as platforms leads (e.g. an Android SME who focuses on Android development, as well as understanding our other platforms). Development is done in an agile software development environment, making use of the Atlassian suite to organize work across our team members. Direction for the program is received from senior ProObject stakeholders who started the program in 2014. At a high level, work is organized into “tours” which are arranged around the seasons (to reflect collegiate schedules). At the closure of each tour, the junior engineers are expected to prepare technical reports and presentation, to be given in front of the ProObject and Government Services Group stakeholders. Technologies and techniques that are successfully implemented are incorporated into our proprietary repository of libraries to be used in our commercial products.

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Position Description:

The Technical Team Leader (TTL) of the Internal Research and Development (IRAD) program is responsible for leading this effort as well as mentoring the junior engineers. Because of our full stack development, the TTL is expected to understand each of the platforms and their interactions with one another. The TTL is responsible for leading architectural discussions and decisions regarding the research projects the interns are working on. The TTL will mentor junior engineers, helping them address difficult engineering problems as well as teach them practical engineering techniques for non-academic settings. The TTL will fill the role of scrum master, meeting with the stakeholders and conveying new requirements in bi-weekly sprint planning meetings. For each of the seasonal tours, the TTL will work with stakeholders defining tour goals for the junior developers and is responsible for making sure those goals are met.

Labor Requirements:

  • Mentor team members in the effective use of Agile-SCRUM Software Development and continuous integration processes
  • Understand and manage the team’s configuration management process using GIT
  • Manage and report team tasking to stakeholders
  • Participate in Android Development, iOS Development of the apps and the backend web server
  • Respond to evolving requirements in an agile environment
  • Troubleshoot and debug a variety of software environments and stacks including Android, iOS, Django, Apache
  • General knowledge of Data formats such as JSON, XML and HTML

Technical Skills Required:

  • Process Tools and Techniques (GIT, Agile/Scrum, JUnit, Jenkins)
  • IDE (Android Studio or iOS)
  • Languages (Java)
  • OS/Web services (Andriod  or iOS, Linux)
  • Hardware (Android or iOS)

Special Technical Skills Desired:

  • App publishing
  • Test (Espresso, adb)
  • IDE (xcode, TI Code Composer Studio)
  • Languages (Swift, Python, Objective-c, C++)
  • OS/Web services (Android, iOs, MS Windows, Python/Django, RESTFul web services, OAUTH, SSL, server certificates)
  • Hardware (Windows Desktops, Android devices, iOS devices,  RaspberryPi, BT4.0 beacons – SensorTag, Gimbal, Estimote)

Minimum Experience Required:

  • U.S. Citizenship required
  • Over 4 years of professional consumer product software development experience with increasing responsibility
  • 2 yrs experience leading teams of 5 or more Software Developers in Agile Software Development
  • Bachelors in computer engineering, computer science or 6 years demonstrable experience in mobile app development using the above technologies in lieu of degree
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