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Software Engineer Team Leader

Position Description:

As the Technical Team Leader for ProObject’s internal mobile/web app development program, you will help guide team in Agile software development practices.  You will be responsible for keeping the junior software developers on task and progressing toward their individual goals.  You will coordinate/lead a daily standup meeting with the team members to ensure they are on track.  You will meet weekly with ProObject’s stakeholders to report progress. At the end of each sprint, each team member will document their progress toward their individual goals and prepare a presentation for ProObject stakeholders.  Each quarter, you will work with ProObject’s stakeholders to define the sprints, spin(s) and staffing requirements for the upcoming quarter.

As one of the team mentors, you will be responsible for reviewing the junior software developers work products for quality and completeness.

As a toolsmith, you will be responsible for ensuring that CM (GIT) and Test tools (JUnit) are up to date and running for the team (Jenkins continuous integration).

As a member of the team, you will be responsible for Android Development, iOS Development of the apps and/or the backend web server development.

Labor Requirements:

  • Mentor team members in the effective use of Agile-SCRUM and continuous integration processes
  • Understand and manage the team’s configuration management process using GIT
  • Manage and report team tasking to stakeholders
  • Participate in Android Development, iOS Development of the apps and the backend web server
  • Respond to evolving requirements in an agile environment
  • Troubleshoot and debug a variety of software environments and stacks including Android, iOS, Django, Apache
  • General knowledge of Data formats such as JSON, XML and HTML

Technical Skills Required:

  • Process Tools and Techniques (GIT, Agile/Scrum, JUnit, Jenkins)
  • IDE (Android Studio or iOS)
  • Languages (Java)
  • OS/Web services (Andriod  or iOS, Linux)
  • Hardware (Android or iOS)

Special Technical Skills Desired:

  • App publishing
  • Test (Espresso, adb)
  • IDE (xcode, TI Code Composer Studio)
  • Languages (Swift, Python, Objective-c, C++)
  • OS/Web services (Android, iOs, MS Windows, Python/Django, RESTFul web services, OAUTH, SSL, server certificates)
  • Hardware (Windows Desktops, Android devices, iOS devices,  RaspberryPi, BT4.0 beacons – SensorTag, Gimbal, Estimote)

Minimum Experience Required:

  • U.S. Citizenship required
  • Over 4 years of professional consumer product software development experience with increasing responsibility
  • 2 yrs experience leading teams of 5 or more Software Developers in Agile Software Development
  • Bachelors in computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, information systems or 6 years demonstrable experience in mobile app development using the above technologies in lieu of degree
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