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Mid-Level Software Developer (Team Lead, Performance Modeling, Front End)

Position Description:  

The candidate will perform as the contractor Team Lead. Responsible for managing a team of 8 developers and 1 tester. The team is responsible for the design, development (including continuous integration and continuous deployment), and testing of the new Agent Registration and Cognizance service and continued support of the newly developed Data Marking service. The team utilizes a DevOps development approach, where the team is responsible for all activities from development to testing (including unit, component, integration and end to end testing) and operational support. The team is also responsible for ensuring all applicable compliance requirements are met. Tasks that the Team Lead will perform include: 

  • Create the Epics, Stories, and Tasks required to complete requirements as they are discovered 
  • Assign and track progress of Stories and Tasks 
  • Report progress back to the customer through weekly sprint planning, weekly status reports, and periodic award fee documentation 
  • Attend meetings to provide status (bi-weekly sync meetings with customer leadership) and maintain knowledge of cross team integration 
  • Prioritizing and keep current goals in line with master timeline 

Labor Requirements:  

  • Experience working in an Agile environment.  
  • Design, develop,  implement, unit test, and document client and server applications using programming languages such as but not limited to C and C++, Java/J2EE and scripting languages such as but not limited to Perl, Vscript, VBscript, Python and SQL.  
  • Contribute to the specification and development of technical interfaces in accordance with the architecture.  
  • Work with modeling & simulation engineers to develop metrics for performance modeling.  
  • Develop database support for “front end” applications to include ClearQuest and ClearCase.  
  • Develop applications that utilize XML (eXtensible Markup Language).  
  • Develop and enhance applications using the following: CGI-Perl, Apache Ant, TOMCAT, Java, J2EE, Hibernate, DHPC, EJB, JAF, Java applets,  Java logging, Java IO/NIO, Java patterns, Java runtime proxy  interface, Java security, Java XML parsing (DOM, SAX), JDBC, JBOSS, JMS, JMX, JNDI, LDAP, Multi-threaded applications, NTP, ODBC, RMI, SOAP/XML RPC, Servlets & JSPs, SOAP, WSDL, XML, XPath, XSD, XSLT, BEA Weblogic Server/Portal, Commons Logging, Eclipse, JUnit, AJAX, SPARQL, Spring, and Log4j related applications and technologies.  
  • Develop and enhance applications using DBVisualizer, DreamWeaver, Subversion, PowerDesigner, and Documentum products.  
  • Develop, support, and enhance applications using agent technologies such as COUGAAR.  
  • Translate data and semantic (logical or conceptual) data models into physical implementations.  
  • Develop, design, and implement data repositories using Resource Description Framework (RDF) technologies.  
  • Develop, enhance, and provide support for Sybase and Oracle database applications.  
  • Develop, enhance, and provide support for applications using software engineering best practices.  
  • Develop, enhance, and provide support for applications in the Linux, Solaris, UNIX and Windows development environments.  
  • Develop GUIs that are robust and can be used across multiple platforms and operating systems.  
  • Develop applications that are capable of functioning in PKI, VPN, and IPSEC environments.  
  • Decouple front-end developed GUIs from back-end database applications such that changes in database schemas and structures result in minimal changes in developed GUIs.  
  • Develop standard documented Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for all systems developed.  
  • Develop client and server applications for LINUX, Solaris, and Windows environments.  

Technical Skills Required:  

  • Java 
  • Microservices/Docker/Rancher/Kubernetes 
  • Kafka 
  • Restful services
  • Git 
  • Junit 
  • Jenkins 
  • Sonar/SonarQube 
  • Jira 
  • Mongo 

Minimum Experience Required:  

  • A firm understanding of modern computer programming with a minimum of 10 years experience in programming and providing direction for the design and development of application software for complex systems; software testing as well as solving varied software related problems; and generating and reviewing software design for accuracy, completeness and appropriateness in light of objectives, budget and schedule.  
  • 10 years experience with programming using the modern software environments listed in section Labor Category Requirements.  
  • A Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, will not apply toward the 10 years of experience.  
  • TS/SCI with Polygraph Required 
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