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Data Analysis Engineer

Position Description:

  • ProObject has an exciting opportunity for a Data Analysis Engineer to be based in Germantown, Maryland. The primary focus of this position is to apply data mining techniques to structured and unstructured data and provide descriptive analyses that will guide business decisions and prioritize enhancements in products and services.
  • This position will work across multiple domains of the domestic/international managed service business, including but not limited to: sales & marketing, product manufacturing, billing, product/service performance, automated/agent-assisted customer support, support visits, and customer feedback.
  • Compile and clarify requirements from stakeholders for data mining projects
  • Partner with IT, engineering, manufacturing and other business operation groups to collect data from multiple data sources within the company and from the public domains (e.g., weather data) for use in the data mining projects
  • As required and feasible, collaborate to build new or enhance the automated processes for data collection, and even for data recording at the data generating ends, to expand and sharpen the vision of data mining with goal of near real-time feedback
  • Perform data integrity review and data cleansing
  • Carry out descriptive analyses and communicate analysis stories and recommend improvements to stakeholders using dashboards, automated reports, and presentations skills
  • Continually develop data presentation skills with the latest data visualization techniques and technologies.
  • Evaluate new technologies and innovate on new approaches to develop the best solutions and self-service analytics capabilities.
  • Train and mentor junior developers and analysts in the group and continue to mature expertise through formal and informal training opportunities.


Technical Skills Required:

  •  A firmed background in fundamental statistics (Central Tendency, Variation, Correlation, Regression, Sampling, Hypothesis Testing, Confidence Interval, Margin of Errors, Research Process, etc.)
  • 2+ years: Cloud-based ML and NLP tools (Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud AI, IBM Watson, etc.)
  • Excellent communications, and presentation skills.


Minimum Experience Required:

  • BS degree in Computer Science, Business Analytics, Mathematics, or Engineering.
  • 5+ years in advanced SQL for Conventional RDBMS platform such as Oracle, SQL Server, etc.
  • 4+ years in advanced Tableau (interactive data analysis and visualization), or equivalent tools (e.g., MicroStrategy).
  • 3+ years in advanced Python or R with respective data science toolkits (e.g., Python: Scikit-learn, nltk, Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib; R: Caret, tidytext, data.table, reshape2, dplyr, ggplot2/ggvis)


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