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Wireless Processing Expert Level 3

Position Description:

To provide analysis, design, installation, monitoring, maintenance, optimization, and support of wireless processing technologies.  Technical expertise related to the core components of standard and evolutionary wireless technology, hardware, software, firmware, protocols, management systems, best practices, and optimizations.  Implementation activities include wireless processor design, test, device configuration, equipment installation, integration, implementation and migration, and troubleshooting.

Technical Skills Required:

  • Experience producing, integrating, and testing C++ software libraries, scripts, and modules
  • Experience with C++ to develop and document the algorithms necessary for physical layer processing within the software or hardware architecture, as appropriate
  • Experience with C++, to design, code, test and document blocks to implement the physical-layer algorithms
  • Experience with developing, testing, and documenting software interfaces and control modules for operation and integration of the hardware-assist VHDL, Verilog, code blocks, as applicable
  • Experience providing for unit, integration, and system level testing of C++ software and firmware components
  • Experience providing engineering mentorship and management direction to lower level Wireless Processing Experts to facilitate optimization of signal dataflow and physical-layer processing performance.

Minimum Experience Required:

A PhD in either engineering or computer science with (10) years of experience in wireless air interface protocol processing with significant contributions to similar development efforts. Experience must include at least five (5) years of experience in wireless communications protocols and their implementation in software and five (5) years of experience in the implementations of signal processing algorithms in GPU or FPGA hardware. A  Master’s Degree in engineering or computer science and five (5) additional years of experience in wireless air interface protocol processing may be substituted for a PHD.


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