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System Administrator Level 2 (Linux/Unix)

Position Description:

  • Monitor, maintain, performance-tune and upgrade system underlying COTs and GOTS products and infrastructure. Identify and diagnose system issues.
  • Triage all user requests for production system component problems, respond to and take action to resolve requests caused by production system components.
  • Deploy tested components to the operational infrastructure.
  • Maintain a pulse on industry trends and apply to product as necessary.
  • Participate in a team-based, agile software development cycle.
  • Perform Linux system setup and management for both physical and virtual Operating Systems (OS), to include provisioning, configuration, patching and update management, platform securing/hardening. Provide manual and automated system management across widely dispersed Linux systems.  Administer and configure virtual machines and VM clusters.
  • Communicate with software developers and other team members to gather requirements and implement solutions.
  • Develop technical documentation to include system administration architecture documentation and diagrams, configurations, baselines, administrative procedures and instructions.
  • Coordinate with developers to define operational system security requirements, develop System Security Plans and related security documentation and coordinate system security accreditation and authorizations.

Technical Skills Required:

  • Minimum 5 years’ experience administering LINUX/UNIX systems
  • General understanding and experience working with and configuring LINUX disk encryption
  • Experience with LINUX Volume Manager
  • Experience provisioning systems, configuring systems, patching and managing systems and securing/hardening systems
  • Experience administering virtual machines
  • Experience in developing and implementing system configuration scripts in Perl, Bourne, Bash and/or C-Shell
  • General working knowledge of Cisco and/or Dell routers and switches
  • Experience creating documentation to outline processes and procedures
  • Expertise with Accumulo, Hadoop and certificate management utilities.
  • Experience with:
    • Apache HTTPD
    • Apache Tomcat
    • SQL
    • MongoDB
    • Redis
    • Linux firewall configuration (ip tables)
    • Kickstart
    • NAT and gateway setup
    • Remove server management
    • Server certificates (environment specific), encryption and secure protocols
    • Puppet
    • Yum
    • Scripting languages to include but not limited to: Bash, Perl
    • Use of management tools
    • Building RPMs

Special Technical Skills Desired:

  • Experience deploying software updates to remote systems
  • Software development and engineering practices
  • Oral and written communication, teaming, and time management
  • Knowledge of Computer/System Architectures, Software Development Life Cycle, Configuration Management Methods, and Software Testing Principles
  • Familiarity with Map/Reduce

Minimum Experience Required:

Ten (10) years of experience in programs and contracts of similar scope, type, and complexity within the Federal Government is required. Bachelor’s degree in a technical discipline from an accredited college or university is required. Five (5) years of additional system administration experience may be substituted for a bachelor’s degree

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