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System Administrator Level 2 (Linux)

Position Description:

Mixed 12 hr. shifts, in a 10 week rotational schedule; 24×7 watch.

Provide and supervise set-up, configure, and load system software and hardware; Provide system administration support of computers, servers, racks of equipment and figure/manage LAN interfaces. Provide support for web development, testing, system integration, installation scripts and other duties to support systems and network infrastructure.

Labor Category Requirements:

  • Five years of experience with installation, maintenance, administration, and trouble shooting of LAN, computer hardware and software;
  • Experience performing and assisting with equipment specification, setup, problem resolution, and network support related to computer hardware and software
  • Experience providing assistance to users
  • Experience optimizing system operations
  • Experience ensuring compliance with licensing agreements and system currency.

Technical Skills Required:

  • Solid Linux command line skills
  • Scripting skills
  • Must be willing/able to work shift/nights

Minimum Experience Required:

5-10 years of experience along with an Associate’s degree in one of the following fields: Comp Support Technology, Electronics Technology, Telecommunications, Computer Science, Information Systems, or Network Engineering.

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