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Senior Systems Engineer (Radio Frequency)

Position Description:

Assist with developing, managing, and implementing requirements management plans and processes as needed to ensure logical and systematic conversion of requirements into system solutions that acknowledge technical, schedule, and cost constraints.  Provide technical assistance to Program Managers and provide technical recommendations of technologies, techniques or components to assist with meeting project goals and minimizing project risks.  Provide technical assistance and engineering support necessary to fulfill pre-development activities including architecture, tradeoff and upgrade studies, requirements analysis, functional analysis; and tough order of magnitude cost and schedule evaluations.  Provide systems engineering support at all levels of a system’s lifecycle. Provide systems engineering support necessary to meet requirements for system upgrades, installation of new systems, and system replacements.  Assess and interpret technical anomalies uncovered as the project evolves.

Labor Requirements:

  • Direct experience in the development of collection systems and/or related components within the IC including installation and deployment
  • Experience in requirements analysis/generation and developing systems architectures
  • Experience as a system engineer in programs that encompassed systems architecture, requirements analysis, design, production, integration, test and transition into operations
  • Experience with independent verification and validation of system requirements
  • Computer/system architectures design and development tor Linux and Windows
  • Experience with Agile Development methodologies such as Scrum
  • Experience with Radio Frequency (RF) signal detection, identification, measurement, collection, distribution and amplification
  • Experience with signal collection techniques and systems
  • Experience with real-time processing, computing, control, and digital signal processing
  • Direct experience with electrical power measurement and specification (AC and DC)
  • Direct system engineering experience with system timing analysis, system throughput and bandwidth estimation, and computer software applications and techniques
  • Direct experience creating Test Procedures, coordinating engineering activities, and testing/installing hardware
  • Direct experience specifying, evaluating, installing, and maintaining equipment
  • Experience writing systems documentation (system CONOPs and other technical documents)

Techncial Skills Required:

  • More details to come.

Minimum Experience Required:

Bachelor’s Degree in System Engineering, Physics, Math, Stats, or Computer Science and 9-15 years of experience; or 14-19 years and no degree.

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