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Network Engineer Level 2 or 3 17-LAB-942

Position Description:

In this role, the successful candidate will design and plan network communication systems. Provide specifications and detailed schematics for network architecture. Provide specific detailed information for hardware and software selections, implementation techniques and tools for the most efficient solution to meet business needs, including present and future capacity requirements. Conduct testing of network design. Maintain technical expertise in all areas of network and computer hardware and software interconnections and interfacing, such as routers, multiplexers, firewalls, hubs, bridges, gateways, etc. Evaluate and report on new communication technologies to enhance capabilities of the network.

Labor Requirements:

  • Analyzing system logs and identifying potential issues with systems
  • Provide configuration and design support of network devices
  • Ability to design complex network collection systems
  • Integrating systems using Linux
  • Ensure systems are secure in accordance to customer standards
  • Perform system validation and verification
  • Ability to objectively assess architectural limitations or shortcoming in such areas as scaling, speed and throughput
  • Solid understanding of applicable commercial technologies including hardware acceleration, and commercial best practices
  • Install custom software on large-scale computer systems in a mission-critical, schedule-driven environment
  • Troubleshoot and patch field-deployed software
  • Support quick-response software development and deployment efforts
  • Work with Software Deployment Managers, Configuration and Patch Management and other team members to improve software delivery process and product quality
  • Create and maintain software deployment and troubleshooting documentation for software deployment team

Technical Skills Required:

  • Experience with Site XML and other site specific configuration files
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certified
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • LAN and Internetworking Certifications
  • Network Certification
  • VMWare or other virtualization experience
  • Experience with Kickstart using Red Hat Linux

Minimum Experience Required:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Information Systems, Mathematics or similar degree or equivalent documented combination of training and experience.
  • Ten years in a technical role in projects and programs for Government or Industry customers with: eight years of experience as a Network Engineer in programs that encompass system architecture, requirements analysis, process execution and evaluation
  • 10+ years’ experience with network debugging
  • 10+ years administering Linux and Windows
  • 5+ years with IT Infrastructure
  • Experience in developing networks from design through implementation
  • Experience with Cisco lOS or JunOS or equivalent
  • Experience in configuring multi-vendor network equipment; Experience with network test gear and testing network equipment
  • Experience in configuring NAT and Routing Protocol
  • Experience with Ethernet Trunking and configuring Ethernet VLANs
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