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Mid-Level Software Engineer Part-time

Labor Requirements:

  • Demonstrated ability to develop a complex program using Perl, C, C++, Java, or other comparable languages
  • Demonstrated ability to build a graphical user interface (GUI) using Java, C#, or comparable language
  • Demonstrated ability to lead a project that develops complex software functionality
  • Demonstrated ability to execute a complete software life cycle (requirements, design, develop, test, validate, deploy)

Technical Skills Required:

  • This position is part-time – 20 hours per week (Monday-Friday)
  • Expertise developing software in C on Linux or Linux like platforms.
  • Expertise developing software on embedded platforms
  • Experience with system internals (kernel, driver, system libraries, system services/apps)
  • Experience with ELF or Mach-O file formats.

Special Technical Skills Desired:

  • Experience developing software for Android or iOS using corresponding SDKs/NDKs and GCC or Clang cross-compilers
  • ARM assembly experience
  • CNO development experience.

Minimum Experience Required:

  • Minimum eight (8) years of experience developing with scripting, functional and/or object-oriented programming languages
  • Minimum five (5) years of experience developing Windows applications using Visual Studio or .NET environment OR minimum five (5) years of experience developing Unix applications using make files or comparable build environments
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