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Junior Level Software Engineer (XML/XSD)

Position Description:

Designs, develops, troubleshoots and analyzes complicated and difficult software programs for computer based systems.  Advises hardware engineers on machine characteristics that affect software systems, such as storage capacity, processing speed and input/output requirements.  As required, provides inputs for documentation of new or existing programs.

Technical Skills Required:

  • XML/XSD experience
  • Linux/Unix experience
  • C++ or Java development experience
  • Direct Experience with CM tools such as Subversion/Trac or Git
  • Advanced knowledge of C/C++ and Python
  • Basic understanding of Cyber Security, Intermediate knowledge of Linux (CentOS), Network Engineer
  • Tools used:
    • tcpdump
    • netcat
    • socat
    • Intel Vtune
    • TotalView Debugger
    • dmcrypt/LUKS
    • ecryptfs
    • Racoon
    • Openswan
    • autoconf

Special Technical Skills Desired:

  • Direct experience in the development of collections systems and components within the IC
  • Scripting language experience such as Python or Perl
  • Graphical User Interface development experience
  • Web framework experience such as Ruby on Rails, Django, SpringFramework, or Zope
  • Java development experience
  • Direct experience with middleware technologies such as enterprise service bus (ESB), CORBA, or Internet Communications Engine (ICE)
  • Experience using IDE’s such as JBuilder and/or Eclipse preferred

Minimum Experience Required:

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering with 2 -5 years of applicable software design and development experience; or 5-8 years of applicable software design and development experience

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