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Acquisition Professional

Position Description:

The Key Management Infrastructure (KMI) Increment 2’s Economic Analysis support should have a very strong financial analysis background. Experience writing a Economic Analysis (EA) and a Cost Analysis Requirements Document (CARD) are a MUST. An older version of each document as well as access to subject matter experts will be provided for updating to support KMI Increment 2’s Full Deployment Decision.

The EA is a systematic approach for evaluating the costs of a program or a set of alternatives. An EA evaluates the relative economic (financial) costs of different technical alternatives, design solutions, and/or acquisition strategies, and provides the means for identifying and documenting their costs.

The CARD provides a detailed description of an acquisition program that is used to prepare the Independent Cost Estimate (ICE), Program Office Estimate (POE), Component Cost Estimate (CCE), Component Cost Position (CCP), and other cost estimates, as required. It is the common description and basis for analysis of the technical and programmatic features of the program. The CARD must be prepared and submitted by the program office in accordance with the guidance issued by the Director of Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (DCAPE).

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